दुनिया के सबसे अमीर लोग सिर्फ इतना ही सोते हैं हैरान रह जाएगी यह जानकार


#1 shahruk khan

Bollywood ke king shahrukh khan jadatar boht jada busy rehte hain .Events or films ke shooting me vo sirf raat ko 3-4 ghante hi so paate hain.

#2- Mark zuckerburg

Duniya me sabse jada chlne wala social networking website k founder mark zuckerburg apna time bachane ke liye sirf ik hi rang ke kapde pehnte hain.Taki unhe kapde dhundne me time barbaad na ho Vo sirf mushkil se 5 ghate hi soo pate hain.

#3.Narendra Modi

India ke prime minister Narendra Modi Ji sirf din me har roj 4-5 ghate hi soo paate hain

#4 Bill gates

Duniya ke sbsbe ameer insan raat ko sirf 6 ghte hi so pata h



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